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A  data-driven approach to cultural differences.

Itim International has spent over 30 years helping some of the world’s largest organisations transform their intercultural and organisational challenges into business success stories.  
Our global network of cultural facilitators  guides you towards the best culture to perform.

Experience the power of our research-based tools and methods to drive Business results


90 certified consultants in 37 countries to take your organisation from an international presence to true global effectiveness.


Align business strategy and organisational culture to create a competitive advantage.


We will help you to turn cultural diversity into a strategic asset.

Latest news and articles

Football as a metaphor for life

A famous Dutch writer once said, "nothing is completely true and even that is questionable!" This wise saying is applicable to many life’s manifestations. It is certainly true if you...

Cultural Change is not a one-off activity

[This article is co-authored with Taival]   There are multiple business, technology, and organizational trends that are gaining traction. They will fundamentally change the way we work, sell, and consume...

Gert Jan Hofstede Keynote at HRx Helsinki

HRx Helsinki Gert Jan’s long-standing aim is teasing out the generic dynamics of human social behaviour. His stance is that people are not unpredictable, but ill-understood. Knowledge is patchy, obscuring...

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