By Christine Fornaroli and  Marc Jacobs, Associate partners at itim International. 
Published in the echo des entreprises July 2016 

This very interesting article brings us to Luxembourg and gives us an overview of some of the difficulties and opportunities for businesses in the area.  It offers practical advice on how to capitalise on cultural diversity by using the power of  Hofstede 6D model, a must read for all those managing across cultures.

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Key insights


How to build on the strengths of a multicultural workforce: A critical skill for the future of Luxembourg.


A detailed description of the Hofstede model on national culture. The application of the model to the specific case of Luxembourg

About the Authors

Christine helps international customers and their partners in their expatriation & integration process, to perceive the complexity of intercultural relations and to make them gain valuable cross-cultural understanding, which is quite often the master key to success
Marc is passionate about using intercultural management and organizational culture as management tools to help you optimize the performance of your organization.
Globalisation is not just about trade, it is also about people on a much wider scale – how do we work together, how do we trust each other and how can we all benefit from this?