By George Lupascu-Pruna, Associate Partner at itim International


There was a great atmosphere last week during our intensive workshop on how to drive the decentralization of a multinational service provider by using the advantages of cultural differences, control of organizational cultures, and owning the virtual communication space.

It is always very energizing to work with strong professionals, and the HR team of this organization with specialists from all over the world showed their great experience and knowledge. It is a pleasure to be challenged by them on Hofstede’s 6D Model, and at the same time they shared real-life situations from their experiences that are explained by the different cultural dimensions.

Different Cultures

The visual experiment made the attendants “see” how people from different cultures “react” to the same “management package”, and how the organizational culture model can “align” all of their organizations to deliver the same vision and strategy.

During the Harmony Game, this great team managed to recreate the main tendencies of the world’s societies, and had fun at the same time. They showed their strong cohesion with each other across the virtual space by solving the mystery given to them as part of the virtual communication module.

Amazing energy, excellent professionalism and a great team spirit! We know where they will reach in 172 years.