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intercultural management

Consultancy solutions

Itim International consultancy improves the effectiveness of organisations working amid diverse cultural backgrounds. We give you the know-how, competence, and tools to assess, measure and capitalise on cultural diversity.

Our approach is based on extensive research into national values and practices worldwide, at the core of which lies the work of Professor Geert Hofstede. His data-driven model maps cultural differences in a unique and powerful manner.

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Towards cultural effectiveness

Translate complex challenges into practical solutions. Create a tailor-made consulting package by choosing the elements you would like to include, or contact us to design the solution that best fits your specific needs


Identify your organisation’s precise needs . Discover where your focus should be.


One-hour e-learning programme to increase cultural awareness.

in-house Training programmes

A sophisticated understanding of the intercultural aspects that influence daily operations.

Management team consulting

Address challenges that management teams face with multicultural teams

Country-specific management briefings

Recognise and assess the potential pitfalls when preparing staff for expatriation to a specific country.

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