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Join the itim network

Join a highly selective worldwide network of culture and management consultants with extensive professional experience and knowledge on how to implement culturally sensitive management practices.

Do you have what it takes?

We appreciate people who believe in creating cultural competence. However, in order to ensure that we fulfill the needs of our clients, our application process is highly selective.

The diverse range of people who join us demonstrate outstanding cultural knowledge, a wide variety of experiences working and living abroad, and a strong record of consulting experience. An itim consultant is a unique blend of consultant, trainer, coach, and sales professional. As such, we require:

The ability to work independently

High standards of professionalism and intercultural empathy

Superior didactical skills and the ability to generate creative, innovative, and practical ideas

Living and working experiences in at least two foreign countries

Fluency in several languages, both written and verbally

Strong sales skills to acquire leads and assignments

Consultants in our event in Leiden with Geert Hofstede

3-step certification process

The objective of the certification programme is to enhance your proficiency in the field of intercultural management by incorporating Professor Hofstede’s 6D model and itim’s knowledge, concepts, methodology and materials. The  certification process consists of:

Pre-course e-learning

In this course you will have to collaborate, discuss and reflect on the influence culture has on daily activities.

5 Days certification

A 5-day intensive course conducted by one or two certification agent(s).

Post-course assignments

A blend of online and face-to-face tasks, such as preparing a country briefing, observing an assignment and completing your own assignment.


Membership in an established international network of consultants

A direct connection to our affiliated scholars: Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov

A platform for further personal development and inspiration in the field of culture and management with:
○ Online content sharing and discussions
○ Master classes and certification programmes
○ Free access to itim conferences and selected events
○ Research support

Access to unique materials that will distinguish you from competitors

Join the next certification course

If you are interested in taking the next step in becoming an itim consultant, send your CV and a letter of motivation to info@itim.org. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Merita Vilen
Associate partner
The best and most interesting part of the Intercultural Management certification course was the case studies. It highlighted really well how challenging it can be for managers to manage multicultural teams. It is even more challenging if one is an expat and based in a different country than one’s own culture. However, learning to understand Hofstede’s 6 dimensions can help managers to manage and lead more successfully, as well as get over the typical pitfalls of cultural differences.
Coen Bester
Associate partner
The course made national cultures ‘come alive’ by backing up credible research with highly relevant case studies and interactive discussions. The cultural diversity of participants added reality to the applicability and usefulness of the underling theory
Divya Susan Varkey
Associate partner
itim International is a cultural gold mine with the wealth of information and experience shared by its members. Who knew that such a complex topic as culture could be painted with such clarity!