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Take your career to the next level, join one of our exceptional host certified by the Hofstede Centre, at one of our open courses organized this year all around the world.

 Go beyond the do’s and don’ts of cross-cultural business: get the necessary understanding of local cultures, acquire a common language and manage more effectively on a global level. Get the tools to turn diversity into your advantage.

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Sharpen intercultural skills and stay ahead of the competition with itim’s leading-edge training

What is culture and the impact of cultural values on behaviour in business?
Hofstede’s 6-D model on national culture
Application of the 6-D model in "real life" context
Real-life case studies, simulation games and discussions
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Paul Nichols, Tom Fadrhonc, Godefroy Motte

London, The United Kingdom, September, 2017

SUCCESSFUL CROSS BORDER M&A – DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE –   “How to manage the Culture factor”. Research is showing that unrecognized cultural issues are getting in the way of fast and effective acquisitions and integration, in the words of Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.   Bridging cultural gaps is critical to the sourcing, courting, due diligence, negotiation and eventual acquisition integration process and if done correctly will lead to a transaction to which more employees are more committed and hence result in a richer business plan.

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Jan Vincent Meertens

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2, 2017

With an extensive background as global entrepreneur in the private-public sector Jan Vincent shares a wealth of experiences.
 In a highly interactive training Jan Vincent puts his insights from his career as global entrepreneur into a practical framework providing the participant with instant methods to become more effective in an intercultural environment


Alette Vonk

Accra, Ghana, October 12, 2017

Africa is full of opportunities and full of challenges: knowing how to navigate multinational settings in and from Africa is a pre-requisite for success. We will use Hofstede’s 6D model to shed light on professional differences between this and other continents and we will apply it to the differences among African countries on this vast land.


Philip Sjögren and Delphine Macquet

Stockholm, Sweden, November 10, 2017

With respectively 25 years in diplomacy and global management consulting and 15 years in market and strategic intelligence, Philip and Delphine merge the overall business perspective with the interpersonal skills required to move from intention to action. In a highly interactive training , they will share their personal insights explained through the most predictive intercultural model on the market, the 6-D model, allowing the participant to become more effective in intercultural environments.


In my view, what you offer provides a very helpful map to permit us to navigate through the cultures we meet around the world.
Itim helped me to prepare chairing an important meeting. It really was fascinating to see many of the national characteristics manifesting themselves in Budapest. The course made a big difference to what I was able to achieve and I certainly noticed a number of potential pitfalls that I would otherwise have walked straight into. The important thing was that I could now recognise them and act accordingly.
Michal G.
Chair of the AEGON European Works Council
I still consider your seminar one of the best ones ever I participated in. You gave excellent insight on how your home and company culture influence your leadership style and how this results in a match between your-self and the company, or a mismatch.
Peter Huijs
Manager Volvo Parts Logistics